Comprehensive Support for Special Needs Education and Beyond


At 4 PEAKS, we empower families with the knowledge and support needed to navigate the intricate special needs education system. We work diligently to ensure that every child receives the education they rightfully deserve.

  • For children 0-3
  • Assisting to connect families to Early Intervention
  • Collaborate with family and Part C (Early Intervention/Early Childhood) to Part B (Special Education Services in public education) when child is eligible to transfer to public education
  • Helping families determine the difference between medical diagnosis and educational impact
  • Start the process of evaluating a child for special education services in public education
  • Review eligibility reports to determine educational impact for an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or impact on critical life skills for Section 504 Plan
  • Review data from various sources and the educational file to assist families in reviewing progress of the student to make appropriate decisions on goals, accommodations, services, placement, etc. on an IEP or accommodations needed for a 504 Plan
  • Attend meetings so families do not feel they are alone and have equal voice at the IEP meeting
  • Draft letters of parental concerns/requests
  • Collaborate with school teams and families to ensure student receives a free and appropriate public education that addresses the unique needs of the student
  • Individualize the student’s education, not just a “cookie cutter” program ensuring that there are high expectations of success for the child
  • Assist families in understanding the regulations and their rights regarding suspensions, alternative placements, and Manifestation Determinations
  • Review Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Improvement Plans to ensure they are meeting the student’s needs while protecting their rights
  • Help families recognize that sending a student home early due to behaviors is a suspension/removal from educational placement
  • Assist families with preparing and attending Manifestation Determination
  • Assist families in determining which dispute resolution option is best for their unique circumstance when not in agreement with the school division
  • Assist with requesting Independent Educational Evaluations (IEES) and administrative reviews of Eligibility meetings
  • Compile documents/data to draft state complaints for procedural violations
  • Compile documents/data to draft Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints for discriminatory actions against the student or family
  • Assist with mediations involving the school district and third party to ensure voices are heard and negotiations are fair
  • Prepare documents/evidence should the family seek due process
  • Assist families with transition components of the IEP to ensure goal and services are sufficient for the student’s needs beyond high school
  • Connecting families with outside services at colleges, Medicaid waive facilitation, group home/residential placements, supported employment, guardianship, and more
  • Have the hard discussions on Medicaid waivers and Social Security
  • Ensure that school is addressing unique needs appropriately in IEP for student’s post-secondary goals in relation to independent living, employment and education


Advocates bring a child-centered, data-driven approach to school meetings, leveraging their expertise in regulations and experience in working with diverse team members to craft effective plans tailored to the student’s unique needs, all while removing emotional biases.

The staff of 4 PEAKS Educational Consulting are not lawyers; therefore, we cannot offer you any legal advice. We are here to assist with obtaining special education and other services for your child within the public school setting and in the community to provide them with opportunities and learning for postsecondary education, independent living, and employment.

We are registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia and currently have clients in at least 30 school districts within Virginia with the highest concentration of clients in the following: Accomack County, Chesterfield County, Prince William County, Albermarle County, Craig County, Roanoke City, Alleghany County, Fairfax County, Roanoke County, Bedford County, Franklin County, Salem City, Bland County Loudoun County, Williamsburg-James City County, Botetourt County, Montgomery County, and York County.

Each child’s educational journey is unique, making it impossible to predict timeframes or costs. We are committed to affordability, often offering rates lower than local advocates. We believe that no child should be denied services due to cost, so we provide reduced fees based on income and flexible payment plans. Reach out to our office for a personalized discussion on pricing and financing options – it may be more affordable than you expect!

Absolutely. We provide a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your child’s educational concerns and history. During this call, we will outline the necessary documents for an initial assessment, explain how we work, and how we can support you. We will also go over our client agreement and available payment options. Afterward, we will send you the documents for review. To begin our services, we require a signed client agreement and retainer.

Certainly. We’re deeply committed to being a valuable part of your child’s educational journey. During our free 30-minute call, we’ll discuss our client agreement, including expectations for both you and our team at 4 PEAKS Educational Consulting. Please note that services will commence only upon signing the client agreement.

Timelines vary based on the required services. Early intervention, from referral to Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), takes under 45 days. Special education in public schools follows phased timelines, with the entire process, from referral to IEP, lasting up to 5 months.

Yes, in Virginia, students with IEPs can have up to 10 days of suspension per school year. On the 11th day, a manifestation determination is required. If your child faces behavioral issues, early dismissals, or suspensions, please contact us to explore protective measures.

Virginia operates on a parental consent basis, meaning no alterations to your child’s eligibility, evaluations, IEP changes, or service terminations can occur without your consent. If you disagree with the school’s decision, you can formally express your disagreement, and explore dispute resolution avenues like filing complaints, mediation, or due process. We recommend contacting us early to help resolve issues before they escalate into conflicts with the school team.

In case of bullying, prioritize your child’s physical and emotional safety, seeking medical attention and documenting any injuries with photos. Email the principal, teacher, or case manager, providing detailed information about the incident and requesting an investigation. Remember, bullying involves repeated behaviors, not necessarily the same aggressor. Document all instances of verbal, physical, or emotional bullying to establish a pattern. If a student with special education needs is bullied, additional measures can be taken to ensure their protection. Feel free to contact 4 PEAKS Educational Consulting, LLC to explore further steps for your child’s safety.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee results as decisions are made by third parties in authority. What we can promise is our dedication to providing you and your child with personalized service, data driven decisions, and exhausting all avenues available to provide ways to meet your child’s unique needs both short and long term.

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