4 PEAKS Educational Consulting LLC

Where your child can reach the PEAKS!

Why 4 PEAKS?

4 PEAKS Educational Consulting, LLC was created to help assist families and professionals who support special needs children through the sometimes rocky journey of childhood, particularly in their education. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we focus on the 4 major “peaks” of the journey: Early Intervention, Early Childhood, Special Education, and Transition Planning for Adulthood. Through collaborative meetings and trainings, we help the team members and families overcome the “fog” that sometimes interrupts the progress to those pinnacle moments of the journey. We serve clients across the great Commonwealth of Virginia in understanding the process and resources available. We do not offer legal advice but are lay advocates and parents who have taken the same journey with our children.
So why 4 PEAKS?
For Positive Educational Advocacy, Knowledge, and Support on the journey!


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